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Finger fucking Jeri Ryan

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I know some of you are turned on better when Jeri Ryan is getting fucked in the ass by an anonymous dude who you can conveniently pretend is you, while the rest of you just like to see this hot, slutty celebrity babe pleasuring herself all on her own. Which is why I’ve followed up with these hot masturbating pictures of Jeri Ryan for the pickier guys out there who want to see some solitary action where Jeri Ryan is involved.

I’ve seen this thing the chicks do when they’re finger fucking themselves; they get so high up in the clouds doing themselves that they actually try to push their fingers deeper or will them to rub harder and harder by propping another hand over the working hand, as demonstrated by Jeri Ryan here. Have they never heard of fisting before? But whatever gets them off is fine with me, as long as there’s loud moaning and heavy squirting involved in the end.

I think chicks who use a dildo, especially a vibrator, can be real sexy while doing it, and some girls swear by this machine when they want an orgasm that no guy can ever give them. That’s probably because they’re either lesbians, or they just haven’t met the right guys–like us–to stick our cocks in their man-deprived pussies. But again, sometimes some of us just want so lay back and jack off while we watch Jeri Ryan fingering herself and using a dildo to orgasm. That’s why I’ll shut up now and just look at her pictures right here.

Jeri Ryan in anal fuck pictures

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Here you’ll find hot Jeri Ryan bent over and lying on her back as she gets cock-attacked by these two lucky dudes. Even luckier is Jeri Ryan herself, who gets to strip off and get serviced by two guys! But, and here’s the best thing, the luckiest in this situation would be you guys who get to see all the action as Jeri Ryan takes a hard, throbbing dick right up her ass! You can catch how the guy seems pleased that Jeri Ryan’s asshole is still all tight, which tells us our little Hollywood celebrity slut is a basement virgin right here! She’s such a risk-all slut that she’ll try anything out if it means climbing the highest peak of orgasm, and we’re all huge supporters of this mindset, aren’t we?

You can even catch sight of Jeri Ryan’s bulbous tits, hard and taut from being horny. I don’t know why the dude isn’t doing it, but if I were fucking Jeri Ryan, I’d grab those tits and hold on to them as I push her body closer and closer to my cock, so I can cream her ass with my cum in the deepest, most satisfying way possible. I know you’ve got a few things you’d like to do to Jeri Ryan, so I’ll leave you with these hot fuck pics of Jeri Ryan.

Naked Jeri Ryan pics for Trekkies

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Interspecies sex in the form of bestiality is a very big taboo, and only a select niche can appreciate it, much less practice it. But the science fiction invented their own form of interspecies coupling, that between a human and a cyborg. The explanation to how that works can be overly complicated and may involve some cocks getting stuck in between whirring pussy gears or scratched against some bio-motherboard of some sort, but on the outside, the act is still what we all know it for: good ol’ hardcore fucking. But for the fetishists out there who are into this kind of thing, we’ve got celebrities like Jeri Ryan to further your fantasies.

We know her for playing the borg Seven of Nine in the TV series Star Trek: Voyager, and one of the better things about these ‘robots’ in Star Trek lore is that they’re still biologically human, albeit being controlled completely by some alien, robotic force. So no worries about getting your cocks stuck inside a metal husk of a pussy when you’re fucking Jeri Ryan’s character, guys; she’s still all warm, slippery pussy you can lick, finger, or fuck the hell out of. The better thing about this is these borgs are programmed to ignore exhaustion, pain, or guilt, so you’re free to fuck her like a conscience-free dummy, but with real parts and reactions involved, like moaning, screaming, and the always welcome reciprocation in the form of a blowjob. Or for the ladies, you can go and start a fire by rubbing your bushy vaginas against each other, and you can have at it for hours and hours, because Jeri Ryan as a borg is one tireless pussy pounder. Now, if you’re turned on by Jeri Ryan’s naked pictures in Star Trek, it’s not a problem. You can go right ahead and fulfill your fantasies.